Saturday, December 15, 2012

                                                             Newspaper´s advert

Here we can see a red telephone with wheels. There is a red computer mouse next to it and under these two objects we can read:
                                                               TV´s advert
On this advert we can see a man who is driving, he is having fun looking to the landscape when suddenly he has a traffic crash. Finally a voice says that you must call lineadirecta.
The most important difference beetwen these two adverts is that the second one is funny and it has  a  story but the first one is only the logo of the brand. I like much more the TV´s advert because it is longer and funnier and I thnk that the first one is really boring. I loved the man´s face


Nike running

Newspaper's commercial:
In this image we can see a ,green, black and silver, really futuristic trainer with a completely black backgorund. On the upside left corner, we can see Nike's logo with a very funny sentence under it: 

"...Run like your arse is on fire."

Tv's commercial:

In this commercial we can see a woman, who is wearing Nike trainers, and a man, who isn't. Then, they start singing as they run, a song made up for the commercial (I would run to you).
As the commercial carries on we can see that the man starts being really tired and sick, but the women is still running without a problem, because she is wearing Nike trainers.
In the end, he ends up in the hospital, and she, who is apparently his couple, gets to the hospital.


Both commercials are totally different, but of course they both have similarities. They only talk about the brand, not about an specific product but in different ways.

In the paper's one, they are telling us that Nike is a really futuristic brand that will always be one step ahead. Like there aren't actors or songs, they try to attract us with their design of the shoe.

In the TV one, they are showing us the brand in a humoristic way, with actors and a song. They don't have to show you creative images or pictures, because the whole commercial is fun.

Friday, December 14, 2012


The commercial which I'm going to talk about deals with the very famous energy drink called "Red Bull".


In this image we can see a can of "Red Bull" painted very realistic in the left which is opened and it has some raindrops on its surface. In the other side of the image there is the logo of the drink. Letters are red because they try to give you the impression of action, the adventure, the danger... and the other colour which is the yellow also tries to give you the impression of joy, curiosity, happiness...


The energy drink called "Red Bull" is the most known because it is the sponsor of many extreme sports such as snowboardind, skateboarding, rallying, BMX cycling, paracaidism... The commercial begins with an helicopter in which there is a paracaidist who jumped to the air. Then, in the rest of the commercial, appeared some people doing extreme sports for example a boy who is doing skateboarding in a skateparck or another boy which is cycling with his bike and he jumped from one box to the other making some tricks.


I think that TV commercials are better than newspaper adverts because they show you the product with more information, they are understood better by the public and they are funnier. But also adverts in newspapers are good because some of the images that they have are really realistic and in some cases they are easier to understand.

By: Nel Suárez Ruiz 3ºC


Newspaper's advert:

Here we only can see a beer and the slogan. This information is not sufficient to be sure to buy it, probably the creators should write more information. the slogan is: "Cerveza de un lugar llamado mundo". And it means: "Beer from a place called world".

TV commercial:


This commercial deals with a song called "Everything you didn't do (feat. Carlos Sadness, Frank T. & Nita Fuel Fandango)". The beer doesn't appear to be the point most important in this commercial. 


The differeces between both is that the TV commercial has much information of the product because the design of the newspaper's advert is very simple. In neither we can to know a lot of the beer but I think that is better the tv commercial. And this has the song that providing funnier than the other.

Andrea Muñiz 3ºC
            In this shapes we can see a gout and a star


           In this pictures we can see a lot of dots.Two pictures of the Cola Cao and La Joven de la Perla

La Joven de la Perla                                                  

                There are a lot of pictures with lines very very beautifuls like this "el Grito" and  paint by A.Rodriguez,  two paintsare very interesting."El Grito" his author is Eduard Munch .

         This pictures  is of textures but the questions is: are real? 



Thursday, December 13, 2012



 In this image we can see the new iPhone 5 in black. We can also see the front part and the back of the mobile and how narrow is it. Also it appears the slogan which is "The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone"


These commercials deal with the new iPhone 5. Both of them show us the new characteristics of this mobile. For example, the first one tells us that now, with the new iPhone, you can take beautiful photos in panorama and on the second one it tells us that the screen from this new mobile is as big as our thumb, so it's easier to use it.

I think that the advert on the newspaper doesn't give you enough information about the product but the TV commercial does. Anyway in the commercial doesn't appear the slogan but that isn't as important as how is the mobile like.That's why I think that the TV commercial is better, also because it catches the attention more than the newspaper advert.


The new commercial about “Movistar Fusión” on written press leave us indifferent, and goes quite unnoticed, while the TV ad of the same service captures our attention, and fulfills its objectives of impress and being remembered. We associate the music, “Come Together” by the Beatles, with Movistar, and we often recall the product while we hum the song.

The new commercial about “Movistar Fusión” on written press leaves us indifferent, and goes quite unnoticed.  It just shows the different possibilities of the product over a blue picture of a city. The slogan says: `El  camino de la telefonía fija y movil´.

This is the TV commercial:

While the TV ad of the same service captures our attention, and fulfills its objectives of impress and being remembered. We associate the music, “Come Together” by the Beatles, with Movistar, and we often recall the product while we hum the song.  The commercial shows many people touching phones and laptops as if they were an orchestra playing the song I’ve already said.
The written commercial can’t produce you an effect of happiness and it doesn’t invite you to contract their phone and internet services, instead of the TV commercial, that is more interesting.

MediaMarkt commercial

The commercial I'm going to talk about deals with a parody of the famous TV program called "Team A".
This commercial was created by the huge advices company MediaMarkt.  
         Although the classic Team A has only four team-mates, this new team has five, as you can see in the image, they are:
·Number 1, he is the boss, wears a jacket and is smoking.
·Mad Markt, he is the responsible of create the amazaing weapons for his team-mates.
·Mr. Si, he is the smartest because wears suit.
·Rompeprecios, he is a huge black man very sportif that wears a T-Shirt.
·Meganbyte, he is the girl of the team, wears a very futuristic silvery mono.
      All of them have the mission to get the lowest prices in his mission: "Mision Precio Bajo"
     This is the video of the commercial, you can see that there are a lot of special effects and is very funny to.

COKE "There are reasons to believe in a better world"

                                                                  Magazine's advert

 In this image you can see a couple hugging and a sentence that sais : 
''There are reasons to believe in a better world''.

TV's commercial

The commercial deals with a group of children and a man , they all are in a room , all of them are sitting except for the man. He has a guitar.
The start singing the song ''Whatever'' and the man also plays the guitar.
In this commercial the want to explain that there are reasons to believe in a better world so they include images and sentences that talk about what is the world like nowadays.


In my opinion I think it's better the TV advert because it tells you more information , it's more complet , funnier and also more original but the magazine commercial is also well done.

                                                                                        Nerea Graña Chebaux 3ºC




Marta González de Herrero


Newspaper's advert:

In this picture we can see how a young girl enjoys drinking coffee. She´s in her house and as usual she is having breakfast Nescafé. In the image appears the slogan, "celebra los buenos momentos" that means, "it celebrates the good times".

TV commercial:

This commercial deals with celebrate the good moments, like: peace, the "good morning", the moon...
Here we can see different moments around a day in which the characters feast the twenty-four hours of a day.


I prefer the tv's commercial, becuase I think that is more interesting and funnier. In the newspaper's advert has a little information so you can choose to buy it or not. While if you see the tv's commercial you are sure to buy it. 

Andrea Muñiz Nicolás 3ºC
                                                                 Magazine´s advert

In this image we can see a winged AXE jar. It is pink and it has lke an angel´s circle over it. The background is black and under the jar we can read: New axe excite, even the angels will fall.
                                                                TV´s advert

This advert trancurs in an Italian village. suddenly some angels start to fall from the sky, all people is astonished, finally the angels meet a boy and the scene changes showing us the boy using AXE
The biggest difference between them is obviously that the TV´s advert has movement it is much more impressive than the magazine´s advert. Another difference is that the Tv´s advert has been designed more carefully making it better than the other.
I like both designs but I prefer the Tv´s advert because of the emotion that caused on me when I saw it. I also prefer it because it is longer and shows us a typical italian village and the angels are really well-done.

Heinekn comercial

The comercial I'm going to talk about deals with Heineken. Heineken is a beer brand created in Holland in 1887.
This comercial starts in the house of a girl. She shows to the other three girls all the house, and then, she shows them a wardrobe full of expensive clothes. So all the girls start shouting. But suddenly, they heard a sound, so they went to see what happened. They saw the boys in a huge fridge full of Heineken beer. 

In the image, we can see a bottle with a green background. The slogan of this image says:"Resistance is futile, (and completely unnecessary)
The main difference of this two types os advert, is that the image have a big impact on you the first time yo see it. And the video is very funny and interesting, and you can see it more than once and it can make you laugh. The image is more aggressive and the video is more relaxed.

The gleaners

This picture is called "Des glaneuses" (the gleaners). It was painted by Millet, and it was finished in 1857. It's a realistic picture of three peasant gleaners picking up stray grains of wheat after the harvest in the outskirts of a rural old french city.
The painter used yellow as main colour, the picture is mostly painted in different tones of it : The landscape, the hat of the third woman, the sky is painted with some yellow too...
This picture represents the hard-work the rural people of the low end of the social system have always had to do to survive and get something to eat, that's the reason why this painting is famous.
I've chosen this picture because I really like the colours Millet used and it's an impressive picture, because it represents in a great way the poor rural people's conditions in live, you can see it on their clothes. I like the way Millet represents the depth, the trees really look like they're far away. I also think that the position in which the gleaners are awesome, because it's a very realistic way to express how the gleaners are bent down to get the grains.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This is a portrait of John Lennon drawn with dots.    
                                                                                                                                                                         This picture is made by Michael Fridjhon in 2004      

This picture is made by Abdullah Zaid with Shadow Lines.

El Grito is the famous picture, which is made by Edvard Munch.
The picture reflects angst the person.

This portrait a woman with many circle and square by Pablo Picasso.


                                     This picture is called Girnica by Pablo Picasso.

           The texture drawn with different materials: skins, fabrics …


By  Laura Villa Belderrain 1ºC.


Newspaper's advert:

In this image we can see a blond girl who is wearing a cute pink dress. She's catching a different apple from the ones that are on the ground. This different apple is the perfume called Nina L'Elixir by Nina Ricci. Under these data it appears the slogan which is "Le noveau parfum magique" (the new magic perfume).

TV Commercial:

This commercial begins with a girl who is in her bedroom. She starts walking and she enters in a sort of a magic forest, in which she tries to catch a unique apple from a tree but she can't because this apple starts to fly trough the forest. So the girl tries to chase it and  at the end of the commercial she achieves it.


I really think that the advert on the TV is so much better, because it tells you the story from this girl and what happens to her. While the advert on the newspaper it just tells you the end. Also the magic that these perfume pretends to show is better reflected on the commercial. The position of  the brand is the same in both, because the newspaper's one is the last image from the commercial. Anyway I think that the slogan should be bigger.