Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Newspaper's advert:

In this image we can see a blond girl who is wearing a cute pink dress. She's catching a different apple from the ones that are on the ground. This different apple is the perfume called Nina L'Elixir by Nina Ricci. Under these data it appears the slogan which is "Le noveau parfum magique" (the new magic perfume).

TV Commercial:

This commercial begins with a girl who is in her bedroom. She starts walking and she enters in a sort of a magic forest, in which she tries to catch a unique apple from a tree but she can't because this apple starts to fly trough the forest. So the girl tries to chase it and  at the end of the commercial she achieves it.


I really think that the advert on the TV is so much better, because it tells you the story from this girl and what happens to her. While the advert on the newspaper it just tells you the end. Also the magic that these perfume pretends to show is better reflected on the commercial. The position of  the brand is the same in both, because the newspaper's one is the last image from the commercial. Anyway I think that the slogan should be bigger.

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