Saturday, February 7, 2015


              RENOIRE "Alphonsine Fournaise"
Pierre-Auguste Renoire (25th February 1841- 3rd December 1919) he was a French Impresionist painter , in the second part of his career he became interested in painting landscapes female bodies , often inspired by renaissance classical paintings and barrocas.
Renoir offers a more sensual , more inclined to the ornamental and beauty interpretation of impressionism. The lighting is one of the most important focl points in this picture. In this impresionism picture there are a lot of colurs and shadows. We can see a woman sitting on a chair, there is a table with a white tablecloth in it, there is a bridge and a river crossing the garden and there is a forest in the right of the picture.
Other impressionism painters are Claude Monet, Mary Cassat, Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet and Berthe Morisot.
                                                JAVIER ABAITUA 1º D


Post-Impressionism. Van Gogh. La siesta.

Vicent Van Gogh was born in 1885. He was a brilliant, Dutch painter.
He was very ill and during his life, he wasn't famous. However, after his death Everybody was amazed to look at his paintings.

He painted Rest from work or Noon in 1890. He used bright colours to Paint.
The peaceful nature of the midday rest. They are blue and yellow colours..

Van Gogh did not name the painting, so it is listed in art books and art websites under different names such as “Noon: Rest From Work” and “Noon Rest.”. Considered worthless when it was painted, but now it is of great value.

We can see it in Museé d´Orsay,Paris. France.

Post-Impressionism was the style that developed reacted against Impressionism. Post-Impressionism is situated in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Similarities between both Impressionists and Post-Impressionists are: a real-life subject, distinctive brushstrokes, thick layers of paint and vivid colors.Post-Impressionism is characterized by bright color, sharp, often outlined edges The main difference between both styles is that Post-Impressionism aimed to attain more form, as well as more expression and emotion into their paintings.

Other post-impressionistic painters are: Cezanne and Paul Gauguin

                                                                       JUAN GRANDA TIRADOR


Friday, February 6, 2015

Esposas De Pescadores En La Playa-Carlos Álvarez Martínez

Joaquin Sorolla

Joaquin Sorolla born on 27 of february in Valencia.He dead on 10 of august in Cercedilla.He was a Spanish famous paintor of the impresionism painters.His techer was Gonzalo Silva.
In 1883, he won a medal in the Regional Exhibition of Valencia and, in 1884, he get second-class medal at the National Exhibition thanks to its work Defensa de artillería del parque de Monteleón.

Esposas De Pescadores En La Playa

There are five women in my picture near the sea.There is a men with a hut seeing the women.In the back part there are four boats in the sea near to the coast.This picture is in the famous Prado museum.In this picture ther are lines and a lot of diferent brght colours.