Sunday, December 9, 2012

Las Hilanderas, by Velázquez.

The picture that I´m going to analyze is: ‘’Las Hilanderas’’. This picture was painted by Diego Velázquez in 1657. The movement of this picture is the baroque. This picture is painted in oil on canvas. 
This picture has two main parts: -In foreground, we can see five spinners. The two spinners in the right have more light, so we can see them easier. In the left, there are other three spinners that are darker, so it´s more difficult to see them.
- Behind this five spinners, we can see five women looking to a picture that is in front of them. They are rich women because they were beautiful clothes and dresses.
In this picture, Velázquez uses red and brown colors. This colors make the picture very dark, but we can also see the light in the back of the picture. 
This picture is now in "El Prado" museum, in Madrid.

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