Sunday, December 9, 2012

The picture that I´m going to analyze is "Fusilamientos del 3 de Mayo". It has been painted by Goya in 1814.
It has been painted using the oil technique.
This picture has three main parts: At the front we can see two of them, on the left,we can see some Spanish citizens who are going to be killed by the french soldiers that are on the right, behin the citizens wecan apreciate the Pio mountain. At the back we can see some madrid´s buildings.
We can also see a man dressed with a white t-shirt who I think is an important person on which Goya has wanted to focus our atention. It is relevant because it contrests with the other people who are oing to die too.
 Goya has painted this picture with very dark colours (I think he has used them to represent the despear and impotence of the Spanish who know that they are going to die)
There is only one bright zone, and it is the shoot field. It contrasts with the black of the sky giving importance to the scene.
We can also see on the damned faces grace and desolation.
I think it is a very impressive and sad picture but it represents an important part of Spanish´s history.
This picture is conserved on "El Prado museum" in Madrid

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