Friday, December 14, 2012


The commercial which I'm going to talk about deals with the very famous energy drink called "Red Bull".


In this image we can see a can of "Red Bull" painted very realistic in the left which is opened and it has some raindrops on its surface. In the other side of the image there is the logo of the drink. Letters are red because they try to give you the impression of action, the adventure, the danger... and the other colour which is the yellow also tries to give you the impression of joy, curiosity, happiness...


The energy drink called "Red Bull" is the most known because it is the sponsor of many extreme sports such as snowboardind, skateboarding, rallying, BMX cycling, paracaidism... The commercial begins with an helicopter in which there is a paracaidist who jumped to the air. Then, in the rest of the commercial, appeared some people doing extreme sports for example a boy who is doing skateboarding in a skateparck or another boy which is cycling with his bike and he jumped from one box to the other making some tricks.


I think that TV commercials are better than newspaper adverts because they show you the product with more information, they are understood better by the public and they are funnier. But also adverts in newspapers are good because some of the images that they have are really realistic and in some cases they are easier to understand.

By: Nel Suárez Ruiz 3ºC

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