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Aspire tower

Name: Aspire Tower
Localization: Doha, Qatar
Design: Modern
Construction: 2005-2007
Inauguration: November 2007
Architect: Hadi Simaan
Structural engineer: Arup
Shape: It’s an irregular shape as a thin cylinder 
Architectural     300 m (980 ft.)
Top floor             238 m (781 ft.)
Observatory      238 m (781 ft.)
Technical details
Floor count        36
Floor area           35,000 m2 (380,000 sq. ft.)
Elevators             17
Characteristics: The tower was a symbol of the 2006 Asian Games because of its size and closeness to the Khalifa International Stadium. In the tower we could find the Asian Games flame during the games and it holds the record for the tallest games flame, which was visible throughout Doha for the duration of the games. The design uses a concrete centre which is the main support. The rest of the building is a steel structure that stands out from the concrete centre. The exterior of the building is covered in a steel net which, during the Asian Games, was  illuminated by intense LED lights.

The final form consists of a 1-to-1.8 meter thick concrete cylinder (the centre)between 12-18 meter in diameter, surrrounded by networks of steel posts on each floor of the building modules. 

The designer, Simaan, has described the structure as "a celebration of earth and sky" saying that, "the structural steel struts that brace the structure back to the core also act as visual forces which create energy radiating from the center in a centrifugal rise." One of the most interesting characteristics of the tower is the broadcast of videos which was completed around an 8 meter section of the tower; this was done with the use of Philips technology.
The building was finished in November 2007 with a final cost of €133,395,000.
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                                                   RYUGYONG HOTEL

This hotel is in North Korea, this structure is a pyramid and it has 330 metres high, with 105 floors.
This building is a skycraper and his colours is grey mainly.

                                              STRUCTURE AND BIOGRAPHY

The building started to build in 1987 and it is the only hotel with more of one hundred floors and it is surrounded by many small buildings. This hotel stand out of the rest and it has a special quality: in the back of the structure there are two ledges, in each side, this ledges make the structure more resistant and less heavy because the air that pass through this ledges cut the air, so, in this zone of the building, the wind is very strong and fast.

Ryugyong Hotel is made up, the outside, of  hard plastic and iron mainly. It has many windows, as can we see in the photo. The structure has a principal column that holds all the building, the sides and the "wings".
The up part is a viewpoint and it has a fantastic view.

 Finished: The building finished in april, in 2012, by the Orascum Group company.


Date: 29/05/2012

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Van Gogh`s Blossoming Almond Tree

Almond Tree, represents much of what Vincent often thought about: rebirth. Trees blooming and flowering announces the beginning of spring and new life.

Like many of Van Gogh’s paintings, Blossoming Almond Tree has an influence from Japanese prints. Van Gogh collected and admired Japanese artists and used ideas such as bold color, dark outlines, and the beauty of nature in his work.

In fact, Almond Blossoms are several paintings made in 1880 and 1890.

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Created by Raquel Luaces
Teacher says:
You can study Photographer in:

Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido CES
La Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido CES se fundó en... formación audiovisual, digital, cine, etc. En la actualidad cuenta... completo. La Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido CES cuenta con una Departamento... eventos. La Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido CES está especializada... de la Rama de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido. ...

The scream made out of pencils. Absolutely amazing!

We all know that Munch made several versions of The Scream but check out this rendition which we recently came across made entirely out of pencils, created by the art directors of Ogilvy & Mather for a Faber Castell campaign.

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Name: Torre Agbar
Localization: Barcelona (Spain)
Stile: Modern
Floor area: 51.483 m2
Construction: 1999-2004
Inaguration: june of 2005
Architects: Brufau & A. Obiol and Jean Nouvel
Shape: It has a regular shape, and it`s an cylinder.
Characteristics: The construction of this building began in 1999 but finally a lot of year later, in 2004. It inagurated takes place in June of 2005.
This building has 38 floors, 4 of this floors are undreground and the rest, 34, are on the land.The tower measures a total of 50,693 square metres, of which 30,000 are offices, 3,210 technical facilities, 8,132 services, including an auditorium, and 9,132 square metres for parking.
The main materials used in the construction of the building were concrete which comprises the structure of the tower and aluminum and glass.
One of the most characteristic elements of the building is its nocturnal illumination. The tower has more than 4,500 luminous devices that can operate independently using LED technology and enables the generation of images on the outside of the tower. The system is capable of creating 16 million of colours.
Once it was finished, the Agbar Tower quickly became an architectural icon of the city of Barcelona and one of its most famous buildings.




This is a ladybird. It has the same number of points in both sides.

It is a starfish. It has axial symmetry.

Symmetry in art

These are digital pictures
Symmetry in buildings

 This were the World trade Center in Manhattan. It were destroy in 2001

These are the quio Towers in Madrid. They have the same inclination.

Composition: Rythms. For Activity 6.1

 Victor Vaserely


More about Rythm: Collages. Examples for Activity 6 (3rd Level)

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A construction manager is the person in the building work who must control the builders to carry out the design of the architect.
In order to be a construction manager, you must study technical architecture or building engineering. You can study this degree at the Granada’s ETSIE (Escuela técnica superior de Ingeniería de Edificación) or the Madrid’s European University. Out of Spain, the better university where you can study it, is in London, in the AA (Architectural association) School of Architecture.


Teacher says: You can study CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT  in:
Universitat d'Alacant
El objetivo general del nuevo Título de Graduado/a en Ingeniería Civil es proporcionar una formación adecuada de perfil europeo y carácter generalista sobre las bases teórico-técnicas y las tecnología... (+)
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universidad de Granada
El título de Graduado en Ingeniería Civil por la UGR pretende que los estudiantes puedan conseguir:

- Ser competentes para ejercer la profesión, teniendo una conciencia clara de su dimensión ... (+)
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universidad de Cantabria
- Capacitación científico-técnica para el ejercicio de la profesión de Ingeniero Técnico de Obras Públicas y conocimiento de las funciones de asesoría, análisis, diseño, cálculo, proyecto, construcció... (+)
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia
El título de Grado en Ingeniería Civil tiene por objetivo formar profesionales con capacidad para concebir, planificar, diseñar, proyectar, construir, conservar, mantener, reparar, gestionar y explota... (+)
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universidad de Cádiz
Formación para el ejercicio de la profesión de Ingeniero Técnico de Obras Públicas, con atribuciones reguladas por ley al amparo del Colegio de Ingenieros Técnicos de Obras Públicas. (+)
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
Permite tanto la obtención de las atribuciones profesionales de Ingeniero Técnico de Obras Públicas como el acceso al futuro Máster de Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos. (+)
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universidad de Córdoba
La legislación vigente conforma la profesión de Ingeniero Técnico de Obras Públicas como profesión regulada cuyo ejercicio requiere estar en posesión del correspondiente título oficial de Grado de Ing... (+)
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya
El Grado en Ingeniería Civil reúne los contenidos formativos fundamentales que integran los estudios de Ingeniería de Caminos, Canales y Puertos. P (+)
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universidad de Jaén
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universidad del País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea
El objetivo principal de la titulación es formar profesionales de la
Ingeniería Civil capacitados/as para trabajar en las distintas etapas
de los proyectos de Obras Civiles y de Hidrolo... (+)
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena
Título de orientación generalista surgido para ejercer la profesión asociada a los estudios actuales de Ingeniería Técnica de Obras Públicas en las especialidades de Construcciones Civiles y de... (+)
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
La aportación de los ingenieros civiles en nuestra sociedad es patente, por sus obras, siempre enfocadas al servicio público, aún cuando se desarrollen por iniciativa privada, y por el grado de conoci... (+)
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universidad de Zaragoza
La formación de un ingeniero civil, tiene como núcleo básico las siguientes áreas:

- Las matemáticas, para modelar los fenómenos del comportamiento de los materiales y re... (+)
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Los graduados en Ingeniería Civil se especializan en construcción y sabrán realizar (teniendo siempre presente el respeto al medio ambiente, la calidad y la prevención de riesgos laborales) funciones ... (+)
Grado en Ingeniería Civil
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
- Que los estudiantes demuestren poseer y comprender conocimientos en una área de estudio que parte de la base de la educación secundaria general de ese campo de estudio.
- Que los estudiantes sep... (+)

  • Grado en Ingeniería Civil - Especialización en Construcciones Civiles 

  • Grado en Ingeniería Civil y Territorial 
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management)
For learn more:

Find and compare Master´s in Europe:

On-line Universities: (

Construction Management Degree Programs

These construction management degree programs are offered by accredited colleges. You can request information from about any program by clicking the college's logo.
Everglades University
Everglades University – Everglades University offers a fully online Bachelors in Construction Management program which includes accredited courses in essential skills and tools such as construction contracts, construction law, building construction drawing and drafting, construction scheduling, and project management.
DeVry University</span>
DeVry University – DeVry has two degrees accredited and available through online courses that the core competencies needed to pursue a career in Construction Management. These skills include time management, safety awareness, risk assessment and management, task prioritization, and communication and interaction. Students can pick from either a BBA in Project Managementor a BBA in Operations Management.
Drexel University
Drexel University – Drexel University offers a Masters Degree in Construction Management with online and campus programs available. This program’s curriculum follows contemporary methodologies and the latest technology to provide students with an education they can apply to real-world situations immediately upon graduation. This degree can be completed in under two years which is a great opportunity for students to quickly further their careers.
Kaplan University
Kaplan University – Kaplan is a leading online educator with hundreds of accredited courses available in various fields of study. KU provides two Bachelors of Science in Project Management: one is a BSBA degree that is for students starting their education while the other is an MBA designed for student who have had prior education.

Spaceship Earth

Shape: is a sphere
I chose it because is in Disneyland of America.
Its size is amazing and it’s beautiful.
It was designer and manufacturer by WED Enterprises.
The type of attraction, a dark ride.
The design was based up on the Modern Movement concept.
The structure is similar in texture to the United States pavilion from Expo 67 in Montreal, but unlike that structure, Spaceship Earth is a complete sphere, supported on three main legs.
Construction took 26 months and 40,800 labor hours to build.

Juvet Landscape Hotel

Name: Juvet Landscape Hotel

Author: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor (JSA)

Shape: Bucket

Artist movement:  Surrealist movement 

Its located:  Norway

The Juvet Landscape Hotel is located in the heart of the forest, on the banks of the river Valdolla, in Norway. 
Each room is a detached small independent house with one, or sometimes two of the walls constructed in glass. The rooms are hanging of the trees.The landscape in which these rooms are placed is by most people considered spectacularly beautiful and varied and the topography allows a layout where no room looks at another. In this way every room gets its own surprising view of a dramatic piece of landscape, always changing with the weather and the time of the day and the season.On first impression,the seven secluded cabins seem modest and unassuming. However, once you step foot inside, the landscape seems to be magnified through the outlook of large panoramic windows.  



                                                                                                     Marina Díaz Cañedo-Argüelles 1ºC

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Name: Refuge

Author: Larry Hall

Shape: Cilindrical-shaped

Artist movement: Contemporean

 Its located: Texas

A lot of people say that the apocalipsis is near, so a very rich person, start to build a place where the humans can  be protected against a sick or zombie invasion. This build has 14 flats, 7 are aparments, but the constructor, think that the people need to study, eat and to do gymnastics, so he add a a cofffe shop flat, a school flat and a gym flat. This build is very interesting becouse is underground, but it has the same places that any hotel have.

By Pablo Dávila & Lucía Garcia


Teacher says: Where can you study engineering in Europe?

Recommended Programs in Engineering
Recommended Programs (MBA)

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"Contemporary Artist & Wire Sculptor Derek Kinzett was born in 1966, and spent his childhood living in Dodington Park, Gloucestershire, a breathtaking estate, designed and laid out by Capability Brown in 1764.
Derek moved with his family to Wiltshire in 1977, and completed his studies in Art & Design in 1984, majoring in wire sculpture and three-dimensional design.
In 2004 he launched 'The Inner Spirit Collection' of hand crafted life size wire sculptures, which has continued to grow in size and content.
Described as beyond beautiful, stunning & spiritual, Derek's work has gained recognition and respect for its intricacy and detail, receiving commissions from clients such as Tim Green of the Tate Gallery, Lord Ethan Stewart and the Actor Nicolas Cage"

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Polyedral Buildings


Name: Mirador Building

Localization: Spain, Madrid

Stile: Post-modern

Height: 63,4 meters ( 21 floors)

Architects: Blanca Lleó y LMRDV

Shape: It has a regular shape, and it is a rectangle.

Mirador Building is a building of postmodern architecture that is in the neighborhood of Sanchinarro, north of the city of Madrid (Spain). It was developed by Dutch architectural firm MVRDV in collaboration with the Madrid architect Blanca León. The project would include 156 apartments.

 This is a building height of 63.4 meters (21 floors) with housing. The most striking thing about him is the large central opening which is located 36.8 meters from the ground. It is a community garden and extensive views of the Sierra de Guadarrama, a fact which gives its name to the building.

 The project idea is that this building is a traditional apple but an expansion in a vertical position.