Friday, November 21, 2014

Similarity and Proximity~Noa Rodríguez

Example of similarity

Example of proximity

My Mass Media

                                                              My Mass Media

My favourite mas media is :
                                           The  Book:

Books provides me entertainment , stories and history.It gives me a lot of logic and culture.They are the most important medium because if they didnt exisit we would be very behind in the evolution.Most Teenagers or kids dont like to read because they think its really boring and they prefere to watch television but books let you develop your imagination. 

You can also read in tablets and e-books but I prefere in print paper.Also because the screens hurt you eyes.Now I am reading Mockinjay.


My favourite mass medium by Mateo Cifuentes -3rd C-

                     My favourite mass medium


 -I've chosen the book as my favourite mass media, I actually didn't know what to chose, because I also like the tablet, but I thought these days I spend more time reading than using the tablet, so I decided this. Currently I'm reading "A Storm Of Swords" from the saga "Song of Ice and Fire" taken to the TV as "Game Of Thrones" (the title of the 1st book)

   I like reading  fantasy medieval books because, to me, they are the most interesting of all, I started reading Harry Potter when I was about eleven, and since then I've ausually read this kind of books. Before this I also read "The name of the wind", "The fear of a wise man" or the "Lod of the Rings" saga.