Sunday, December 9, 2012


    Londres subasta varias obras que Picasso hizo de su amante Dora Maar

Here there is a portrait of Pablo Picasso and it's name is "Dora Maar con gato".
This is almost one of the most appreciated pictures of Picasso only because it has been one of the most relevant creations painted by him and it was created in 1941 at the beginning of the "Second World War" in france.
In the portrait, we can see the desfigurated face of a woman, he has brown eyes and her lips are red. She has two big holes in her nose. Her hair is black with some gray hairs and she is wearing like a green sweater. Above the portrait, on the right, there is like a white rectagle and the rest of the botton part is painted in a strong red. In her face, Picasso has used a contrast to stand out her face. Her ears are darker than the rest of the portrait, I think only to emphasize her face; in the left of the woman there is like a white triangle and she has her two hands opposite her.
I' ve chosen this portrait because I like Picassos's pictures and in my opinion there is a good contrast between the face of the woman and the rest of the picture only to stan out it and there is a good conection between al the colours used.

By: Nel Suárez 3ºC

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