Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Newspaper's advert:

TV's commercial:

  When you see this commercial on TV, it gives you the message of not having a head full of dandruff, it also shows the girl washing her hair and an image where the head is full of dandruff particles until a kind of wave comes and sweeps over the head and all the pieces of dandruff fade out. You can also notice that using that shampoo your hair is going to be gorgeous all the time and smelling very good.
  In the newspaper's advert you can only see the shampoo and guess that it's going to make a good effect on you, but you don't have any proof of that. I think that the TV commercial has a lot more information because it shows different results that you're going to obtain if you use this product. But there's one thing that the TV commercial doesn't say and it's that it is for oily hair types and the newspaper's advert does, because in the image of the shampoo it says "For oily hair". The image of the shampoo also appears on the TV commercial but it isn't as noticeable.
  In my opinion the best is the one that appears on TV just because it gives you more information and it captures more your attention.

By Sara Merino Fernández 3C

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