Thursday, December 13, 2012

Heinekn comercial

The comercial I'm going to talk about deals with Heineken. Heineken is a beer brand created in Holland in 1887.
This comercial starts in the house of a girl. She shows to the other three girls all the house, and then, she shows them a wardrobe full of expensive clothes. So all the girls start shouting. But suddenly, they heard a sound, so they went to see what happened. They saw the boys in a huge fridge full of Heineken beer. 

In the image, we can see a bottle with a green background. The slogan of this image says:"Resistance is futile, (and completely unnecessary)
The main difference of this two types os advert, is that the image have a big impact on you the first time yo see it. And the video is very funny and interesting, and you can see it more than once and it can make you laugh. The image is more aggressive and the video is more relaxed.

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