Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nike running

Newspaper's commercial:
In this image we can see a ,green, black and silver, really futuristic trainer with a completely black backgorund. On the upside left corner, we can see Nike's logo with a very funny sentence under it: 

"...Run like your arse is on fire."

Tv's commercial:

In this commercial we can see a woman, who is wearing Nike trainers, and a man, who isn't. Then, they start singing as they run, a song made up for the commercial (I would run to you).
As the commercial carries on we can see that the man starts being really tired and sick, but the women is still running without a problem, because she is wearing Nike trainers.
In the end, he ends up in the hospital, and she, who is apparently his couple, gets to the hospital.


Both commercials are totally different, but of course they both have similarities. They only talk about the brand, not about an specific product but in different ways.

In the paper's one, they are telling us that Nike is a really futuristic brand that will always be one step ahead. Like there aren't actors or songs, they try to attract us with their design of the shoe.

In the TV one, they are showing us the brand in a humoristic way, with actors and a song. They don't have to show you creative images or pictures, because the whole commercial is fun.

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