Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The damn kids

Bruno Amadio, a painter who was more in the sarrow that in the glory and who has atributed a black and dark leyend, has created one collection that someone says it's damn.

The painter

There isn't so much things of this character and the information that we can  find are are very confused. Amadio was born at the begin of the last century in Venice, was conservative and fascist and, of course, a faithful follower of Mussolini. He has participated in the World War II and was in it where he began to paint thedamn pictures, the series was called "Crybabies".

In these pictures, Giovanni Bragolin, because with this name signed his work, tries to show the horror of war in the tears of those unfortunate children and orphans, graphic symbol that the misfortunes that left the war wherever he went.

History tells us that Bruno Amadio painted a total of 27 paintings in this series and that all children living in orphanages and charity homes.
After the war, Amadio moved to live in Spain, first to Seville, where he spent several years of his life and then to Madrid, where we completely lost him trail.

The black legend

.Like his life, the legend has also an uncertain origin. According to the extended version, Bruno Amadio, wearing of being a  second category painter, made ​​a pact with the devil in order to have fame and the acknowledgment he deserved. (It is not known at what price). The thing is that, his paintings became very popular mid-century and were a very high precious. More than one will recognise the faces of these children wich it's picture, at least a copy, of our grandmothers in her walls. Somewhere a fire must have occurred in which the only thing that was saved was the crybaby picture and this is where the legend was triggered we know today. The houses where one of these original are put burn in flames and appears a source of mysterious and strange phenomena poltergueist.

This is probably  the more famous picture, because, when you turn, you can see a 'fish' eaten a kid.

I specially like the mysterius history and the strange expression of the kids.                                        

                                                                                        BY: Jordán Donaire Gil 

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