Saturday, December 1, 2012


Claude Monet "El Paseo"

    This is a Claude Monet’s painting in which he represented his wife, Camille Monet and his son, Jean.  Claude Monet executed this painting in 1877 and this is called “El Paseo”.
    The painting belongs to Impressionist movement. The term impressionism, at the beginning, was of the critics to make fun, but them this form was used by the artists, and it represents the paintings of Monet.
    The title means that they were giving a ride in the afternoon in a sunny day near a meadow. They were in a natural place in the outside. Monet uses warm colours in the grass where his family is. In the bottom of the painting he uses cool colours for the clouds and the sky.  To point the Camille’s dress he drew a triangle in the middle. Then he made an oval for drew his umbrella’s wife. On the grass we can see two shadows; one of them is close to the son and the other below to his wife. One of the targets of Monet was to capture the expression of the light and the colours, her we observe how he represented the light with the shadows and the different colours in whole painting. Claude Monet used the perspective based and the size of his wife and his son. It’s possible to see the differences between them.

Andrea Muñiz  3ºC

Friday, November 30, 2012

My favorite medium >> RADIO

My favourite medium is the radio because they relax me a lot. For example, when I'm bored I put the radio or when I go to school because if not, I'm not in a good mood. I also use the radio to listen football because I don't like the comentarists that are on TV.

I listen to a lot of programs but my favourite is "Del 40 al 1" in Los 40 Principales.

On the morning I listen to "Buenos Días, Javi Nieves" on Cadena 100.

And I also listen other programs: sport programs,humoristic programs...

Here is a podcast of a part of my favourite program: "Del 40 al 1":

Bruno Álvarez - 3ºB

Thursday, November 29, 2012

impresive drawings

Julian Beever 

I decided to did this work about this painter because he draw in just one day paints in 3D like these two examples. I think it's so difficult to do this because the painter try to give you the sensation that you are going to fall down in the picture.

Sara Zapico 1ºA


Amazing Anamorphic Illusions

Enjoy this video. Reality or illusion?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mateo Cifuentes 1ºC


This pictures are by Pablo Picasso


In this  case, the pictures are by Geogres Seurat and  Signac



              This is by Mondrian                                              Eduard Munch 


This two are by Oscar Monet

Here is an example of textures from Mateo Cifuentes

                                                                                 Here you have a texture


    Londres subasta varias obras que Picasso hizo de su amante Dora Maar

Here there is a portrait of Pablo Picasso and it's name is "Dora Maar con gato".
This is almost one of the most appreciated pictures of Picasso only because it has been one of the most relevant creations painted by him and it was created in 1941 at the beginning of the "Second World War" in france.
In the portrait, we can see the desfigurated face of a woman, he has brown eyes and her lips are red. She has two big holes in her nose. Her hair is black with some gray hairs and she is wearing like a green sweater. Above the portrait, on the right, there is like a white rectagle and the rest of the botton part is painted in a strong red. In her face, Picasso has used a contrast to stand out her face. Her ears are darker than the rest of the portrait, I think only to emphasize her face; in the left of the woman there is like a white triangle and she has her two hands opposite her.
I' ve chosen this portrait because I like Picassos's pictures and in my opinion there is a good contrast between the face of the woman and the rest of the picture only to stan out it and there is a good conection between al the colours used.

By: Nel Suárez 3ºC

Tuesday, November 27, 2012



In this picture you can see the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. It is a picture made only with dots.

In this picture tehre is a girl with looking back. This    picture is made by Kristen Cumings.


In the next picture there is a bedr painted by the famous painter Van Gogh.With lines of differents colours.

This is one of the most famous paintings is made, only, of lines. The painter of this picture is Edvard Munch. The name of this picture is The cry.


In this picture of Van Gogh. You can see a pair of shoes. If you look carefully, you can perceive that which is rugged.

Here we have a picture with differents textures in each colour.


In this picture, the painter use differents geometric shapes to create this beautiful picture.

In this picture there are pieces of differents geometric shapes.


Dots, Lines, Shapes and Textures


 In these picture we can se a landscape but we don´t see that  is made with dots.
And it was painted by George Seurat.

And these picture was painted by George Seurat.
These picture represents a lake whith a sailboat and a forest.


There are a lots of types of lines.

These famous picture was painted by Van Gogh.
It is a man made only with lines.


These was painted by Toulouse Lautrec.
The differents textures we can found it in the peoples clouthes...

There are a lot of textures using lines, dots, shapes...
And it was painted by Klimt.


It was paintes by Bruce Gray. And it is mading with differents shapes.

IT was painted by Joan Miro 

Dots, Lines, Shapes and Textures


A dot is a mark that shows the beginning of a work or the end of it.
Some painters like Henri Edmond Cross.

Antibes - Henri Edmond Cross 

There are also more pictures of the same author, such as Íl Ponte San Trovaso:



A line is a combination of a series of dots that are continuous, with an exact distance in between each dot.
For example, Keith Haring paints very wonderfull pictures with lines, like this:

The name of this picture is Heart of Pictures from Keith Haring.

But it isn't the unic picture that Keith Haring has got, he has got some more pictures like this:


Shape is the creation of when the end of a line meets the start of same line.
Some painters like Piet Mondrian or Pablo Picasso although in this case is a cubist painter.
This picture is of Piet Mondrian. Look at it:

Or this picture, in this case from Pablo Picasso and  it is with cubist art.

It name is The Three Musicians.


We can define texture as the feel of the surface of an object.
Some some painters, that paint with  textures or simply  painting creating textures, are for example Paul Klee or  Ernest Ludwig Kirchner 

This picture is from Ernest Ludwig Kirchner, the tile of it is Berlin.

And now a picture of Paul Klee, and the title is Rose City.


By Carmela


By  Carmela Palacios

Sunday, November 25, 2012



Detail from La Parade (1889), Seurat's pointillist work

Entry into the port of Marseille. Paul Signac (1918).He pinted only with dots.


Sketch made ​​with linear strokes Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci.

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.In this image the artist use lines to created a  
beautiful picture.


The paint in this artwork has texture.If you touch it, it would fell rought.

The artist used paint in this artwork to simulate texture, to create the illusion of the silks, satins, and jewels worn by the people depicted in the painting.


"Zigzag blanco" (1922).Wassily Kandinsky.Disappears as subject matter of painting, 
shapes and colors are unrelated to visual reality.

"Aborigen nº1" (1951).Paul Klee. Art formless. Use the graphics and signs.