Thursday, December 13, 2012

The gleaners

This picture is called "Des glaneuses" (the gleaners). It was painted by Millet, and it was finished in 1857. It's a realistic picture of three peasant gleaners picking up stray grains of wheat after the harvest in the outskirts of a rural old french city.
The painter used yellow as main colour, the picture is mostly painted in different tones of it : The landscape, the hat of the third woman, the sky is painted with some yellow too...
This picture represents the hard-work the rural people of the low end of the social system have always had to do to survive and get something to eat, that's the reason why this painting is famous.
I've chosen this picture because I really like the colours Millet used and it's an impressive picture, because it represents in a great way the poor rural people's conditions in live, you can see it on their clothes. I like the way Millet represents the depth, the trees really look like they're far away. I also think that the position in which the gleaners are awesome, because it's a very realistic way to express how the gleaners are bent down to get the grains.

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