Friday, November 14, 2014

symbol, icon , logo

Symbol, Icon and Logo.

These are my drawings. I draw a MP3 player for my symbol, for my icon   I draw a speaker with music lyrics and finally for logo I draw a song that it has drawings and lyrics.

I decided these drawings because I love the music and the past week I saw a shop of music and I decided to do this.


 Mass- media :

My favourite mass media es the mobile phone and the TV.

I like the mobile phone because it has a lot of apps and you can do a lot of things with it. My favourite App is Whatsapp besause you can speak with your family and friends.

I like the TV because I can watch a lot of films on it and it has a lot of programs for example  FDF .

Thursday, November 13, 2014


My ffavorite mass media is the mobile phone because it is like using a small computer that you can carry with you. It has a lot of apps but my favorite are WhatsApp and Instagram.
WhatsApp is the best app for me, because I can chat with my friends. It be very funny when there are a lot of people speaking on the same group. Sometimes they may be annoying too. 
The other app is Instagram. It is a fantastic app! It is used to upload pictures so the people are able to see and vote them. 
Other apps  that are very useful are Twitter, Runtastic or Shazam. You can also buy things with your cell phone.




Is it possible to tell a short story in a easy way with few resources?
Today, we went to La Laboral in order to learn how to do a very simple movie in a technique called "Stop motion".

Students shoot several photos to capture the action little by little, frame to frame. "Movie Maker" application was the most appropiate to make photos into a cinema clip.

This workshop was very interesting although we would like to have more time of practising,

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I have chosen these three images because they have looked like to me a good example of proximity and of similarity. 

These triangles form different figures depending of since you look. 

This front looks like a face: the windows are the eyes, the small column is the nose and the balcony is the mouth and the moustache. 

And finally these round chips create my name!


Mostrando IMG_20141105_104224.jpg  In this image I have represented the symbol of twiter, an emoticon and a colage of tattooes for couples. I have chosen these symbols because they seemed to me to be original and currenty.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Actividad 1.1

Elijo este logotipo porque me gusta la idea de other faced in colours.
El símbolo es uno ojos.
La libre

Lucía López Fdez 1ºB

My Mass-media

My favorite medium of all is the tv. I love watching. There are a lot of reasons why I like it. I use this medium more or less 2 hours and 30 minutes per day. I watch it basically for entertaiment. I like it because it is very fun. Usually the programs that I see are not educational.I never use this medium alone. I often watch it with my sister  but sometimes I watch it with my parents.
If this medium  didn´t exist my life would be diferent. Because I am used to watching Tv when I finish all my homework, before I go to bed and also when I come home after school to have a rest so I hope that this medium always exists.
When this medium was first introduced it had a big impact on our culture for example, now you can see the news all over the world.I think that the mediums of comunication are to communicate and to learn things about the world, so I think that isn´t anything that I would like to change.

My mass media

I am going to talk about my two favourite mediums: TV and radio.
Normally, I spend one hour watching TV per day, because I don't like it so much and I haven´t got time to watch it.Watching TV helps me relax and I usually watch it when I'm bored or interested in some programme or film.
The  radio I listen to it everyday, my favourite programmes are ``Megastar´´ and ``EurapaFM´´.
I always listen to music in the car when I go to school in the morning and when I do my homework because it cheers me up. I think it's lively.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Activity 1.1

I choose the Milka logo because I think that a purple cow is original.
I choose this symbol because I think that is very beautiful.
And I draw this abstract composition because in my opinion is very fun.

Alba Fuertes Pérez      1º D


I choose the animal in the left because it is the logo of a company called Abercombie and Fitch
I choose the symbol in the middle because it indicates on/off
I choose the painting in the right because I used a logo of different colours

Learning by doing. Arts & English for young students.: Learning by doing. Arts & English for young students.

My mass media
I usually play computer games like 30 minutes a day especially a game called call of duty I played it because Its funny and I enjoy my self. At ninght I like to watch tv like 1 hour with my family like aida or la que se avecina because its so good because I lough a lot. I also stay with the phone at the sofa playing games like clash of clans or going on to instagram or watching videos in you tube for 1 hour because ist relaxing. I listen to radio 10 minutes a day when my father carries me to the basketball practice or takes me back home.Finally other activity that I do is read manga comics and draw japanese characters like 1 or 3 hours depending on the day since I draw I listening to music.:-) Javier García Álvarez 3A

Law of proximity and law of similarity by Paula Pantoja

                               This is an example of law of proximity. Six cups form a cross

This is an example of law of similarity. The white chips form a square