Thursday, December 13, 2012

MediaMarkt commercial

The commercial I'm going to talk about deals with a parody of the famous TV program called "Team A".
This commercial was created by the huge advices company MediaMarkt.  
         Although the classic Team A has only four team-mates, this new team has five, as you can see in the image, they are:
·Number 1, he is the boss, wears a jacket and is smoking.
·Mad Markt, he is the responsible of create the amazaing weapons for his team-mates.
·Mr. Si, he is the smartest because wears suit.
·Rompeprecios, he is a huge black man very sportif that wears a T-Shirt.
·Meganbyte, he is the girl of the team, wears a very futuristic silvery mono.
      All of them have the mission to get the lowest prices in his mission: "Mision Precio Bajo"
     This is the video of the commercial, you can see that there are a lot of special effects and is very funny to.

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