Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shapes. comb

I think the comb is similar to a gate

shapes. moon

I think the moon is very similar to emmental cheese and steel ball.

Shapes. clock

I think the roundabout and the chrismax ball are similar to the clock.
if you look at it upside you see a heel shoe


The shapes:

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I think that chrismas tree is similar to this dwarves' mushroom.

similar or no similar

I think this ball is similar to a planet

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

looking for shapes related to

hi here put some pictures about the work we are doing:
seems to me that a clock is like a pizza, a comb is similar to nail separators, scissors is like do the peace hand symbol , heels are very similar to a slide and Finally, the moon is like Pac Man.

butterfly symbol_angela perez, maria carracedo y pilar suarez

In some parts of the world,butterfly symbol represents the soul and resurrection and the life and its cycle.
Its physical beauty and its nature of moving from flower to flower seeking nectar has made people to associate it with unstable and superficial aspects of the human soul.
Butterfly is looked as a symbol of transformation, regeneration and flight because human souls were carried by the Butterfly from earth to heaven.

elephan symbol (maria, pilar y angela)

The elephant is considered a symbol of good luck and good fortune. They also symbolize wisdom, loyalty, strength, fidelity and longevity.

Elephant is usually revered for strength and power. With different species ,like the white elephant: it is a rare animal and it is considering a phenomenon of the gods.

It is the most positive animal symbol known with not negative consequence.

Keep a lucky elephant at the door to your house can get to you the protection from bad luck.

Brand logos

Food logos

Owl logos

Do you know that we are surrounded by owl logos??
          It can represent good luck and protecion:

Is normal to see them in lottery offices.
         Intelligent, wisdom and atencion:

This logotypes are usual to use in librarys, books shop, marketing companys...

          We can see as well, in places which work at night, like owl, that eat when the sun isn't shine, and sleep at day:

 I'm sure that you see this symbol before. The night bus in Gijón is represent by this mix of a owl(an animal which lives at night) and a bus.

Pubs, karaokes and discos or another places which open at night, and in companys that work 24h.

           It has a relationship with the intelligent an felax, it is normal to find owl logotype in sports teams coas, because owl image can be asociated be

        Iratxe and Lucía

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Star of David


The Star of David is one of the symbols of Judaism. Although traditionally the symbol of Judaism was the seven-branched candelabrum (call menorah), the emblem of Judaism (composed of two equilateral triangles forming a six-pointed star) was traditionally used to distinguish the communities reserved for Jews from the Middle Ages and also in the Second World War. Finally, with the establishment of the State of Israel the Star of David became the symbol of the state. The two linked triangles represent the balance of the universe. The first triangle represents the sun, the fire and the masculine energy. The second triangle represents the moon the water and the feminine energy.

Iratxe and Lucía

Sunday, November 27, 2011


The shamrock (three-leafed clover) was chosen as Ireland's national emblem because of the legend that St. Patrick told about the Trinity. The Trinity is the idea that God is really three-in-one: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

The Irish have considered shamrocks as good-luck symbols since earliest times, and today people of many other nationalities also believe they bring good luck.
It also represents a star that shines. Green colour of shamrock means growth, is the symbolic color of all that can develop and prosper.

Aida Zapico
Candela Megido

Owl Animal Symbolism

The owl is one of the most mystery and secretly symbol. Its image is holy in a lot of cultures, and, in fact there is one of the few bird which appeared in cave painting.

It is considers a protector of bad luck and if a person has evil eye. Besides, it protect your home of negative energy if you have owl’s figure.

The owl is sacred to the Greek goddess of learning, Athena and is even depicted on some Greco-Roman currency as a symbol of status, intelligence and of course, wealth.

In ancient Egyptian, Celtic, and Hindu cultures the symbolic meaning of owl revolved around guardianship of the underworlds, and a protection of the dead.

In this light the owl was leader of the night and seer of souls. A confusion of this necessary relationship gave the owl some negative associations with death.

It should be clear that the owl was honored as the keeper of spirits who had passed from one plane to another. Often myth indicates the owl accompanying a spirit to the underworld - winging it's recently free soul from the physical world into the realm of spirit.

During medieval times in western and central Europe it was fabled that owls were actually witches and magician dress-up. To this day the owl is considered a witch's familiar (an animal soul-spirit linked to a spiritual person by a unique, communicative tie).

          Iratxe and Lucía


In Chinese philosophy there are two forces in balance, two complementary energies. One of these energies can not exist without the other. The interaction of this two energies or forces produces de changes that keep the world moving.
The yin and yang is a circle divided into two halves by an S-shaped line that separates the dark (yin) of light (yang), with a central point of the opposite colour in each half.
The symbol of yin and yang is very powerful. They are two opposite and complementary forces that are in constant motion. This forces show that when darkness decrease the light increases and the other way round. The smaller circles show that each force contains its nucleus in the centre of the other.

Iratxe and Lucía