Saturday, December 6, 2014

Portrait of the green stripe.

Retrato de la raya verde


This portrait is called "Portrait  of the green stripe " (Retrato de la raya verde en español) and Henri Matisse painted it in 1905. I chose this picture because you can see the expression on her face.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Textures: A good way to create shapes. Look our self-portraits!

To create new shapes looking for different possibilities of surfaces, it´s not ever easy. In my opinion, my students´self-portrait look very funny and absolutely cool.
Materials used are: Cards, silk paper, glossy paper, cotton, wool, pieces from several fabrics..and of course, a lot of imagination.


I listen to the radio every morning. When I came back from school, I watch the TV for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Then I do my homework. If I need the laptop or my mobile phone to search information I use them. If I finished my homework early, I play computer games with some friends, Sometimes I go to cafeterias and I read newspapers.

My life would be different if these things didn't exist, because I couldn't imagine what can I do without any of these resources.

When these media were first introduce, they had a very good impact, due to that the people had possibilities of seeing the news in their homes and in the street,

I think I can reduce my compsumption of the mobile phone. I use it a lot of the time. I can do other things with my time instead of using it, like going to the cinema or doing another sport.

Velázquez, by Santiago González

I choose to draw Velazquez because is a famous Spanish artist.


For my drawing I choose Van Gogh beceause He was a incredible painter and I think it would be a very funny experience.

Portrait of Felipe IV, by Unai Loidi Hernández


 I choose Felipe IV because I found it interesting.


I choose a Caravaggio for my drawing  because I think it will be interesthing to do. 


I choose this portrait of Dali, because his facial expresison is very strange and fascinating.
                      LAURA VILLA 3ºC

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Still-life , by Juan Martinez

This is my still life. Its made with simple composition one green apple, a red apple and a orange on a blue dish and near it there is a small crystal bottle. Javier García Álvarez from 3-A :-D


I believe that he has a peculiar face and hair

Monday, December 1, 2014

Portrait of Pablo Picasso , by Juan Martinez

I have choosen this portrait of Pablo Picasso because I think it's a very funny and interesting picture for drawing. It's also easy,as you can see, it's made almost completely by lines.The picture was drawn by himself in 1907.