Thursday, December 13, 2012

                                                                 Magazine´s advert

In this image we can see a winged AXE jar. It is pink and it has lke an angel´s circle over it. The background is black and under the jar we can read: New axe excite, even the angels will fall.
                                                                TV´s advert

This advert trancurs in an Italian village. suddenly some angels start to fall from the sky, all people is astonished, finally the angels meet a boy and the scene changes showing us the boy using AXE
The biggest difference between them is obviously that the TV´s advert has movement it is much more impressive than the magazine´s advert. Another difference is that the Tv´s advert has been designed more carefully making it better than the other.
I like both designs but I prefer the Tv´s advert because of the emotion that caused on me when I saw it. I also prefer it because it is longer and shows us a typical italian village and the angels are really well-done.

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