Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dots, lines, shapes and textures

This is a picture of Georges Seurat, A summer Sunday at the Grande Jatte (1884-86).
He painted it only with dots.


This is a Roman mosaic. It is made by little tesserae.


Sometimes we use the lines to express movement, like in this op art picture.

Keith Haring made all his drawings with lines. This is his shop.


This is a picture of Piet Mondrian Composition in red, blue and yellow (1921)
It is like an architecture plane.

This is an picture of  Lyubov Popova. She was the most famous woman artist in the Russian vanguard.


At the core (1935) by Paul Klee. It is an abstract design with many textures.

The expressionists used many textures, like in this picture of  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner,
 Fränzi in front a chair (1910)

About Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso, was a very important painter, because he painted pictures with cubist art, figurative modernism and realism 
Here, this one usus paintings, called The Three Musicians

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

About Leonardo y Fibonacci. Very funny!



The cubism represents different aspects of the same reality.
Juan Gris: Landescape of Ceret, 1913.
                                 The musics (Picasso)

Line art is any image made by straight and curved line
 Picture of Gustave Doré For
credit: Geoff Slater


The Pointillism is a style of painting that consists of drawing  by making lots of dots. It appeared for the first time in 1880.

La Parade (1889),picture of Seurat

Entered port of Marsella. Paul Signac (1918



 Oil and textures, the trunks of the trees have been marked what gives us a 3D quality. The texture, it is the property of the external surfaces of the objects, which  we can perceive by the sight or the tact.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A picture of the Greco.

This is a picture of the Greco, and the name of this picture is "El caballero de la mano en el pecho".
Anybody nows who was the man of the picture, but some people thinks that he was a important person of the age. It was painted in 1578 or 1580.

Monday, November 19, 2012

"Las Hilanderas"

This is a picture of Velazquez called "Las Hilanderas". This picture is from 1657. It's real name is "La fábula de Aracne", but all the people know it as "Las Hilanderas: