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Juana de Arco

Juana de Arco
She has brown hair, blue eyes, white skin, and plane nose. They have a valent expresion.

leonardo da vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was very old.He had white beard,mustache and hair.He had brown eyes and big nose

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PUPILS, please, don´t copy the next example . It´s only a guide for you. Read carefully the instructions of your worksheet.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Vicent Van Gogh

Vicent Van Gogh was a painter of the XIX century. He painted many famous pictures, like “The yellow house”, “The sunflowers” or “The starry night”.

Van Gogh had red moustache and red barb. He had red thin hair too, and he had big eyebrows.
His eyes were small and blue, and his nose was big. He had no a ear, because one night Van Gogh cut it himself. His mouth was small, and his neck too. His face was very sharp.
In these self-portraits, he was in blue suit and in yellow jacket of an countryman, with a straw hat .

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Describe features of any portrait

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia
Giulia Farnese (1474 – 23 March 1524) was mistress to Pope Alexander VI. She was known asGiulia la bella, meaning "Julia the beautiful", in Italian. Lorenzo Pucci described her as "most lovely to behold". Cesare Borgia, son of Alexander VI, described her as having "dark colouring, black eyes, round face and a particular ardor"

A restoration of the painting in 1934-36 confirmed art historian Roberto Longhi's hypothesis that the work was by Raphael, and the removal of heavy repainting revealed the unicorn, traditionally a symbol of purity in medieval romance, in place of a Saint Catherine's wheel. Later restoration work on the painting in 1959 revealed the image of a dog, even earlier than the unicorn, also a symbol of chastity and conjugal fidelity

Lady with a unicorn,  (Giulia Farnese) by Rafael di Sanzio(1505) 

Describing physical appearance

Describing People 
FACE / HAIR                CLOTHES /     
Is she 
• obese 
• fat 
• slightly overweight  
• well-built 
• heavily built 
• of average build  
• slightly built 
• slim 
• thin / skinny / bony  ?
Is she 
• tall 
• of medium height 
• shortish 
• short / tiny       ?
Is she 
• curvy                    ?
Does she have 
• thin waist  
• big hips 
• nice shapely legs 
• firm belly muscles 
• lovely figure         ?
Is she 
• pretty 
• attractive  
• lovely and charming 

Is she 
• long-sighted/short-sighted  ?
Is she wearing 
• glasses / contact lenses  
• smart clothes 
• elegant clothes 
• casual clothes 
• shabby clothes 
• jewellery ?

Does she have 
• round / oval / square / heart shaped face 
• bushy / thick / thin eyebrows 
• round / almond / narrow / close-set eyes   
• broad / flat / sharp / button / fake nose     
• full / thin / well-defined lips  
• broad smile / charming smile   
• healthy / damaged teeth / (tooth) braces 
• wrinkles / freckles / pimples / smooth skin 
• moustache / beard  ?

Does she have 
• thick / rich / strong / healthy / shiny hair 
• damaged hair / split ends 
• thin hair / receding hair 
• straight / wavy / curly hair 
• spiky hair   
• fringe  
• permed hair 
• coloured / dyed hair 
• bleached hair / highlights 
• pigtails / ponytail / braids / bun / dreads 
• pull your hair back/put your hair up (with     
a clip or an elastic band)
• long / short / shoulder-length 

The Golden Number

The  golden number is found in the design and beauty of nature and also be used to achieve beauty and balance forming a good proportion. The golden section is also called the divine proportion (generally in the Renaissance period)

The golden section was used by Leonardo da vinci. “The last supper” was based on the golden section, golden rectangles are the most visually and they’re based on a mathematical radio.

Candela Megido, Alexandra Brancovean, Aida Zapico