1st level ,3rd. TERM: about Polyhedral shapes

AIM: The main idea is to look for buildings related to polyhedral shapes. You have to understand that the architects have created each building thinking about these shapes.
1. Visit    these  addresses
(a very good example!)


2. Look for a new one , don´t choose the same one as your classmates! Draw in a simple way a sketch that summarizes the basic form of the building related to these polyhedral shapes and upload also a photo of the building .
• Pyramid
• Prism
• Cube
• Cylinder
• Sphere

3. Write a few sentences about your choice, talking about  the author, the movement (period), textures, what the materials are made of, and search the most apropiate adjective for it:
• Straight, Leaning, , Well-balanced/Imbalanced,
• Amazing/ Boring, Original,
• with perceived lightness/tension,
• stillness (Dynamic) /motionlessness
4. Scan your drawing and post in the blog with your comments.

more INFORMATION http://artspilesenglish.blogspot.com.es/2015/04/looking-for-buildings-polyhedra-shaped.html