Monday, December 17, 2012


Sports car line, appreciate aesthetics, color and aerodynamics.

In the video we demonstrate its stability, power, pleasure driving.
The figure of Fernando Alonso transmits speed, triumph and love driving.
The video is impressive for its special effects, the movement of the snake, the struggle between the animal and the car. Photography is static, does not transmit all the power of the vehicle.

           Made by: Diego Meana Valle    3º C

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Here is the Vodafone's newspaper's advert. You can see the Vodafone's logo and the information about an offer.
.In TV.  
Here is the same girl looking photos in the mobile. When she finds one of them who doesn't like, she deletes it, but also all the contacts that where in the mobile phone.
Thanks to the offer the father can recover them.

Differences: In the newspaper advert you only see a girl with a mobile phone and the offer over she, but in the oder you can watch a funny history, specially the face of the girl when she knows that all the contacts are deleted.