Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Magazines' advert: 

She's situated in the middle of the forest that has lamps hung up on the trees' limbs and she's wearing a gorgeous and voluminous pink dress. Her face expression tells us that she's fascinated by everything that's there. Then it just appears the fragrance container and under it the name of it, "Wonderstruck", the creator's name, Taylor Swift, and at last it appears the slogan: "The beginning of something magical."

TV's commercial:

Description of chapter one: 
On the first chapter of the TV commercial, we can see how she walks towards a mirror and then she scents herself with her own perfume called "Wonderstruck" which means to be overcome by awe or wonder. The second right after that, the mirror starts lighting up and when she touches it, she is suddenly in the middle of a forest that has a lot of lamps that are hung up on the trees' limbs. She looks around and all of the sudden, when she turns around, she sees a boy looking at her. Afterwards, she just keeps exploring that place until she finds a door and she opens it and a message saying "to be continued..." appears. 
 Description of chapter two:
At the beginning of this one happens the same thing that happens with chapter one's beginning, but instead of appearing in the middle of the forest, she walks into a room that has a mary-go-round situated in the middle. After that, the boy that she saw before appears again standing behind her, but he leaves the room and disappears. Then she sees a big mirror and walks towards it and when she touches it, it lights up as the previous one did. Finally, it says again "to be continued...", so I guess we'll have to wait for the third one to see what happens.


I think that both adverts are very well done because even though in the magazine advert we don't see any story, just the image, it gives us the feeling of thinking that we're living a fairy tale when we have that fragrance on. But I think that TV commercials always give us more information and this one does that because it shows us a story and it also tries to tell us that this perfume is going to make us live that story and be a princess. The magazine advert also gives us that impressions, it's just that the TV commercial exemplifies them better. 

By Sara Merino Fernández 3C

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