Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Renault's commercial.

Paper's image:

In this image we can see the car with a really colourful  background in red and white. On the foreground we can see the car and and an iPad. Renault's logo appears in the left corner on a really creative way.

Complete TV commercial:

The commercial is telling us that we won't ever forget the first time that we've seen this car. And during the whole commercial we will be listening to different people talking about their experience when they saw it.
In the end, they show us the car and a man voice-over sais: "You will always remember the first time you saw it".


We can clearly see the differences among both commercials. In the newspaper's one, they just show you the product, but in the TV commercial, they don't tell us what they're talking about until more than a half of it. It also should be pointed out that in the TV commercial, there are dialogs between different actors, what doesn't happen in the newspaper's one.
I like the most the TV one, because it is really creative, actors don't overact, and the soundtrack is gorgeous.

Francisco Fernández López

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