Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Estela de Luz" Team 18


This is the name of the building we have choosen. It's in Mexico D.F. The "Estela de luz" was inagurated on the 7th of January 2012. It has a modern style.


It had many architects but the most representative one was Cesar Perez Becerril. Unfortunately, we haven't get much information about him, so we can only say that he was mexican and he selected the name of the building and was the one who started the monument.


"Estela de luz" was started to build the 22nd of September 2009, the purpose of these monument was celebrating the Bicentury of the Mexican Independence, which was the 16th of september of 2010. But there were many problems so finally it was inagurated with 15 months delay. Since its construction, many people protested because of the huge amount of money used in it (399 million pesos, equivalent to 22.79 million euros). Now, it take advantage of celebrations of cultural events, like love messeges, anniversaries...


The monument has 104 metres high, and it has 6 metres width. It has a metalic structure composed by stainless steel. The german company Osram developed the LED lights only for this occasion. The italian company Eurogarco releases the steel used to make the pilars and fundations of the building. Another german company, Gerb, was in charge of siesmic synthesizer. The canadian Rwdi developed the wind tubes made by support gusts of 200km/hour. 
It's mainly made by two parallel quartz pannels composed by 704 sheets of this mineral,exported from Brazil. 


People have many different opinions about the construction of the "Estela de luz". Some people think that it has been a waste of money, for example Greenpeace. Others think that it has been a perfect way for mexican politicians for corruption. Another amount of people say that is a beautiful monument very useful for texting messages in special occasions.
My own impression is that it's an useless monument because it was built for celebratring the bicentenary of the Mexican Independence but for that date wasn't already finished because it was much months delayed, so these days isn't almost used,it was a serious waste of money.

Javi Martinez drawing

                                                               Juan Martinez drawing

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  1. In my opinion, it´s a little brief but you´ve been explained the most important questions about the building. Specially interesting your comments about it. Well done. Don´t forget drawings from your own