Thursday, June 11, 2015

Torre Prourban

Name: Torre Prourban
Date: 1979-1983
Authors: Manteola, Sánchez Gómez, Santos, Solsona, Viñoly
Location:  Avenida del Libertador 498, Barrio del Retiro, Buenos Aires
Style: The building stands out especially by its cylindrical volume solid, fully covered by square and small glazed windows that give a look reminiscent of a roller so people in Argentina call it “El Rulero”.
History of the building: During the military Government, businessman of construction Franco Macri was growing in importance, doing important work for State and private entrepreneurship with their Builder SIDECO and your projects Creaurban.
A developer end of the ' 70s, Creaurban acquired land at Libertador Avenue in his corner with the Carlos Pellegrini Street, by where is was finishing the unfinished 9ht of July Avenue extension.
Commissioned in 1978 to study Flora Manteola, Javier Sánchez Gómez, Josefina Santos, Justo Solsona and Rafael Viñoly who with Carlos Salaberry as associate architect, designed a circular building. The detail of the cylindrical volume structures had already been used for M/SG/S/S/V, for example in the central blocks of the whole Piedrabuena bodies.
Structure and materials: The facade consists of the concrete structure opaque (though initially it was the use of a curtain wall glazing for the same), molding with metal structures that let good fats horizontal and vertical, with square glasses of 2 meters of sides, protruding from the plane of the facade. The portico of access was clad in granite, and leads to a large main hall of 10 meters high with slabs of San Luis floors, walls in radial strips of white marble and parameters of travertine, after which begins the first level of offices



General impression: The building is 107 m tall and it has 30 m of diameter. It has cylinder shape. I think that the building is ugly it´s all the same with small windows. I think that the building should have bigger windows or it should be build entirely of glass.


By David Rojas Acevedo 3ºB

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