Thursday, June 11, 2015

san sebastian cathedral- sao paulo

Our building is the Cathedral sao paulo.The church was opened in 1976. The  architect is  Edgar Oliveira da Fonseca.


The architect of the Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro was Edgar Oliveira da Fonseca. This Brazilian architect was inspired by the Maya pyramids to create the cathedral. We search

for information in the internet, but we only found that he was A professor at
thea PUK University in Rio. We wrote an Email to the communication department
of the University and they will send us any information they can found.
Unfortunately we didn’t receive it on time for this Project.


The Cathedral of Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro, is dedicated to St. Sebastian, patron saint of the city. It was built between 1964 and 1976; yes, it is a work of contemporary architecture and no, it's no Oscar Niemeyer, for once. It is a project of the architect Edgar de Oliveira da Fonseca and some say it was inspired by the Mayas pyramids. Others believe that he was inspired by nothing less than the Apollo Project. No matter, what matters is the result: a work that it scary outside but inside conquest, with its beautiful stained glass cross on the dome forming a cross through which sunlight enters into a sacred space that can hold no fewer than 20,000 religious


The Metropolitan Cathedral is a modern building with a capacity for about 20 thousand people. It is tapered and an imposing structure which differs from the old churches for their sobriety.
Inside are the 4 windows of various colours with a cross, which start on the floor and culminate in the ceiling, totalling 60 meters high, which accentuates the imposing character of the work.
The front door is lined with 48 bronze plaques with bas-reliefs concerning faith and gave the building a modern architectural air. The interior of the ship has stunning windows 60 meters high, which give the church a beautiful natural lighting.
It has a collection of sculptures, murals and works of art inside, and a Museum of Sacred Art, with sources that were used to baptize the princes of the imperial house.
The structure stands out among the buildings that are located in that part of town. Definitely a place that tourists can not miss if you travel to the welcoming city of Rio de Janeiro.


This building was very interesting and impressive. I think it is a cathedral that certainly if you ever go to Rio de Janeiro will not stay without her.




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