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Eastern Pearl Tower

Eastern Pearl Tower(Sphere Form)
Name:Oriental Pearl Tower.
Author:Jia Huang Cheng                                                                               
Date:1991-1995(4 years)
Biography of author:
Structure & materials:The entire building is supported on three columns of oblique 7 meters in diameter that are started in the basement.
They are born of the three main vertical columns of 9 meters in diameter each that are responsible for joint successive spheres that make up the interior spaces of the tower.
Successive areas are constructed of steel and coated with triangular windows are tinted purple.
The middle column of the tower is made of the concrete with steel rods.

Eastern Pearl Tower
$ 100 million
Shanghai, China
Observation tower
Radio transmission tower
Stell and concrete
Tinted in purple
Maximum height
468 meters
Number of floors

History and interesting things: 
EASTERN PEARL TOWER …the symbol of Shanghai

It was designed by Jia Huan Cheng (1), a member of the Shanghai
Modern Architectural, who used a contemporary architectural design
but based on the ancient Chinese tradition.
The tower, surrounded by the Yangpu Bridge in the northeast and the
Nanpu Bridge in the southwest, creates a picture of 'twin dragons
playing with pearls'. The construction began in 1991 and was
completed in 1995.
The body of the tower consists of eleven spheres not of the uniform
size. It is located in Pudong Park in Lujiazui, Shanghai.
It is amazing that this ultra-modern tower combines ancient concepts
such as the spherical pearls, with 21st Century technology,
commerce, recreation, educational and conference facilities. All of this
and it really is a TV and radio tower that services the Shanghai area.
This 468 meters high  tower is the world's sixth and China's second
tallest. Its base is supported by three seven-meter wide slanting
stanchions. Surrounding the eleven steel spheres that are 'strung'
vertically through the center of the tower are three nine-meter wide
columns. There are three large spheres including the top sphere,
known as the space module. Then there are five smaller spheres and
three decorative spheres on the tower base. The entire structure
rests on rich green grassland and gives the appearance of pearls
shining on a jade plate.
The inner tower is a recreational palace, while the Shanghai Municipal
History Museum is located in the tower's pedestal. The large lower
sphere has a futuristic space city and a fabulous sightseeing hall.
The tower has three observatory levels. The highest is at 350 metres,
and is called the Space Module. The second is at 263 and 259 metres
and is called the Sightseeing Floor. And the lowest, the Space City, is
at 90 metres.
We think that...
It is a beutiful building and very futuristic,with a lot of sphere that represent this architectural style
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