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Name: Helicoide

Author: Pedro Neuberger,Dirk Bornhorst y Jorge Romero Gutiérrez.


Surface are: 101.940 m2
Floors: seven

Architect biography :
Dirk Bornhorst:
It was born in Lübeck in 1927.They study architecture in Venazuela in 1951.He has got several decorations for cultural and university activities in combination with his works, between others : The Great Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

History of building:
His construction was undertaken by a company deprived during government of the president at the time Marcos Perez Jiménez in 1956.The paralyzation of the works in 1961 is given by problems of budget. The same year was exhibited the project in the Museum of Modern Art of New York until in 1965 the works try to taken again to conclude them in 1967 including an area for aerotaxis but it was not continued . For 1982 either it is achieved to conclude only the geodesic dome of aluminium as top auction of the infrastructure of concretly. From 1984, with many slowness and without answering to a global project, they were installing in the building some organisms of the State, more important he of which it was the Direction of the Services of Intelligence and Prevention . For this motive, the dome turned out to be seriously affected by a bombardment in the Coup d'état of November, 1992 and with responser.
I think that this is a fascinating building,whit an amazing and fresh estructure. At first, I thought  that it was a bit stange, but then I realized that it was very modern, innovative and creative; and really different from the rest of building we can see nowadays. I hadn't see anything like this before. Even thought it has a huge size, it is very well-balanced, and everything seems to be perfectly distributed.

Lucia drawing:

Mostrando Dibujo helicoide.jpeg

Carlos drawing:

By : Carlos Ménguez , Lucia del Riego and Javier Gurpegui.

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