Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Prism Tower

By: Unai Loidi and Cristina Rojas

The building was made in Mexico, Mexico City. The architects were Ramón Torres and Salvador Aceves.

The History of the building:

In 1965 they began planning the project of a building of more than 90 meters, and construction began in 1970 and ends in 1971. in which it was one of the highest constructions of Mexico City.
It became into the second seat of  the offices of the National Lottery. Then it was occupied by the administrative offices of the SAT. And finally, since September 2013 the building has been occupied by the National Institute of Fine Arts.


-It is anchored to the ground with 190 piles of concrete that perforate 60 meters.

-After the 1985 the earthquake in Mexico City is considered one of the world's safest skyscraper.

-It has supported six earthquakes along its history.

-It has a height of 120 meters, with 28 floors.

-The structure is steel covered with brown smoked glass along the entire building, also making it the first  building in Mexico to bring a structure of this type.

General Impressions:
We found the building safe and strong considering it is 120 meters high.. I´s amazing the construcction has survived to 6 earthqueakes, and we think this is the most important fact of the building. The construction is beautiful too, it still looking modern, however, we know it is 44 years old, this data makes the edifice different from others.

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