Thursday, October 30, 2014


My favourite medium of the mass media is my phone. 
On average I spend like 7 hours a day with it: wile I'm eating, when I finish my homework at evenings and when I check if I recibed a text message. I use this medium to chat with my friends and as an entertiment, but also as a source of information when I need to search something on the internet and to fill the boredom when I play games such as candy crush. I usually use it alone because it's my personal phone.
My life would be so different without it because if I have an emergency and I don't have the phone to call somebody who can help me, the emergency would be worst; and also I wouldn't comunicate with muy friends as much as I do now. I didn't really see the introduccion of this medium because I grew up with the mobile complitely introduced in the society but of course now the cell phones are smart phones and they have so good cuality.
About my consumption of media I'd like to reduce the time I spend using my cell phone.

By:Laura Pedreañez San Miguel 3°A.

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  1. Well done, but, pay attention to some mistakes, mainly , of spelling! Look for helping from Chris.