Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Mass-Media

My favorite medium or mass media is my tablet. I spend with it more or less 1 hour per day. I use it for entertainment and to fill the boredom. I usually use it instead of the television because this way I can watch my favourite programs (like Pretty Little Liars or The Vampire Diaries) any time, without waiting to the hour they play it in the television.
I usually use this medium when I´m already in bed before I fall asleep. Therefore I use it alone without any social interaction.
If this medium didn´t exist my routine would be obiously different because instead of using it to obtain the information needed for homework I would use a computer and instead of seeing my programs with it I would see them in the television. The first successful tablet was the iPad from apple who showed it in 2010 and it was an exit. All the people want it because it was more easily transported than a computer for the work .

The others media I normally use are radio, television, books, newspapers, mobile phone and cinema.

  •  Radio:  I hear to it when I’m going to school with my mom and my sister in the car 15 minutes per day.
  •  Television: I watch it all days during dinner with my family like half an hour.
  •  Books: I read when I’m already in bed alone, usually love stories.
  •  Newspapers: I don’t read the newspapers I just do the crosswords with my grandfather on Fridays.
  • Mobile phone: I use it, more or less, 2 hours per day normally alone but to talk with more people.
  • Cinema: I go to the cinema with my family or with my friends twice per month. 

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