Saturday, May 26, 2012

Aspire tower

Name: Aspire Tower
Localization: Doha, Qatar
Design: Modern
Construction: 2005-2007
Inauguration: November 2007
Architect: Hadi Simaan
Structural engineer: Arup
Shape: It’s an irregular shape as a thin cylinder 
Architectural     300 m (980 ft.)
Top floor             238 m (781 ft.)
Observatory      238 m (781 ft.)
Technical details
Floor count        36
Floor area           35,000 m2 (380,000 sq. ft.)
Elevators             17
Characteristics: The tower was a symbol of the 2006 Asian Games because of its size and closeness to the Khalifa International Stadium. In the tower we could find the Asian Games flame during the games and it holds the record for the tallest games flame, which was visible throughout Doha for the duration of the games. The design uses a concrete centre which is the main support. The rest of the building is a steel structure that stands out from the concrete centre. The exterior of the building is covered in a steel net which, during the Asian Games, was  illuminated by intense LED lights.

The final form consists of a 1-to-1.8 meter thick concrete cylinder (the centre)between 12-18 meter in diameter, surrrounded by networks of steel posts on each floor of the building modules. 

The designer, Simaan, has described the structure as "a celebration of earth and sky" saying that, "the structural steel struts that brace the structure back to the core also act as visual forces which create energy radiating from the center in a centrifugal rise." One of the most interesting characteristics of the tower is the broadcast of videos which was completed around an 8 meter section of the tower; this was done with the use of Philips technology.
The building was finished in November 2007 with a final cost of €133,395,000.
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