Saturday, May 26, 2012


                                                   RYUGYONG HOTEL

This hotel is in North Korea, this structure is a pyramid and it has 330 metres high, with 105 floors.
This building is a skycraper and his colours is grey mainly.

                                              STRUCTURE AND BIOGRAPHY

The building started to build in 1987 and it is the only hotel with more of one hundred floors and it is surrounded by many small buildings. This hotel stand out of the rest and it has a special quality: in the back of the structure there are two ledges, in each side, this ledges make the structure more resistant and less heavy because the air that pass through this ledges cut the air, so, in this zone of the building, the wind is very strong and fast.

Ryugyong Hotel is made up, the outside, of  hard plastic and iron mainly. It has many windows, as can we see in the photo. The structure has a principal column that holds all the building, the sides and the "wings".
The up part is a viewpoint and it has a fantastic view.

 Finished: The building finished in april, in 2012, by the Orascum Group company.


Date: 29/05/2012


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    Very good work!

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