Monday, May 21, 2012

Name: Refuge

Author: Larry Hall

Shape: Cilindrical-shaped

Artist movement: Contemporean

 Its located: Texas

A lot of people say that the apocalipsis is near, so a very rich person, start to build a place where the humans can  be protected against a sick or zombie invasion. This build has 14 flats, 7 are aparments, but the constructor, think that the people need to study, eat and to do gymnastics, so he add a a cofffe shop flat, a school flat and a gym flat. This build is very interesting becouse is underground, but it has the same places that any hotel have.

By Pablo Dávila & Lucía Garcia

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  1. Well done, learners! Only two questions:
    1-I need to read the ADJECTIVES more suitables in this case
    2-Don´t forget to upload your drawing
    Thank you for your effort