Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Name: Torre Agbar
Localization: Barcelona (Spain)
Stile: Modern
Floor area: 51.483 m2
Construction: 1999-2004
Inaguration: june of 2005
Architects: Brufau & A. Obiol and Jean Nouvel
Shape: It has a regular shape, and it`s an cylinder.
Characteristics: The construction of this building began in 1999 but finally a lot of year later, in 2004. It inagurated takes place in June of 2005.
This building has 38 floors, 4 of this floors are undreground and the rest, 34, are on the land.The tower measures a total of 50,693 square metres, of which 30,000 are offices, 3,210 technical facilities, 8,132 services, including an auditorium, and 9,132 square metres for parking.
The main materials used in the construction of the building were concrete which comprises the structure of the tower and aluminum and glass.
One of the most characteristic elements of the building is its nocturnal illumination. The tower has more than 4,500 luminous devices that can operate independently using LED technology and enables the generation of images on the outside of the tower. The system is capable of creating 16 million of colours.
Once it was finished, the Agbar Tower quickly became an architectural icon of the city of Barcelona and one of its most famous buildings.



  1. Well done, Laura. Be careful with your sources of information, you have a lot of spelling mistakes. Check what´s wrong, please.
    And don´t forget to add to this post your own drawing of this beautiful building.

  2. I correct the mistakes that i find but if i have more mistakes said me to revise other time the text. I put a drawing by me, it is good?

    1. " I´ve corrected the mistakes that I found but If I would have more mistakes, tell me to review another time all the text. I uploaded a drawing made by me, is it right?"

  3. Your drawing doesn´t represent the building shape, in this case, cylinbder-shaped. Try to improve it.