Sunday, May 27, 2012


  1. Name: Tower CN  
  2. Author: Jhon Andrews and WZMH architects.
  3. Movement: Modern.
  4. Function: Its use is for people to visit and see the panoramic view of torornto. And the tower have aerials.
  5. Shape: Cylindrical shape with a circle in the top.
  6. Materials: Paviment is made of glass and steel.
  7. Characteristics: In the circle the floor is transparent and you can see through the soil. The tower has two elevators very fast. Is the third highest tower in the world with 550 m tower overcome by Canton tower with 600 m and the tower Burdsch Chalifa with 828 m high. And the views are beautiful.
  8. Construction: 1973 to 1976. It lasted 40 months.
  9. Localization: In Toronto ( Canada) .
      In 1995 it was ranked as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
     Weight:134,193 tons.
     It opened in 1976 and has the highest metal ladder in the world because it has 1776 steps that climb 147 floors.

    Before the aerial could be placed, it was necessary to dismantle and remove the giant crane that served for four years to build the tower. To perform these movements we used a 10-ton Sikorsky "Olga" special industrial lifts, moved to Toronto by plane. 

 The building has 3 main areas for visitors:

• In the first located at an altitude of 342 meters is the Glass Floor (Flat Glass)
A 346 meters is the Lookout Level, which is located in the Café Horizon and an observation deck inside.
A 351 meter has located a restaurant rotates 360 degrees every 72 minutes
• The third area to which the public has access is the Skypod, 447 meters high, one of the highest public vantage points in the world.

the cost of the tower was approximately 300 million.


  1. Good, Toronto tower is a famous construction. You have a few mistakes but, in general, you did a great job. Don´t forget the drawring.