Monday, April 16, 2012

Toulouse Lautrec

This is an post-impresionist picture called "Dressage Des Nouvelles, Par Valentin Le Desosse, 1890 by Toulouse Lautrec"

The scene takes place in a big room. In the foreground you can see a beautiful and elegant woman. She is tall and thin. She has got brown hair. Her eyes are closed and she looks sad. I think she is a rich woman because she is wearing an elegant pink suit. It is made up of a pink skirt and a pink jacket. The lady is also wearing an expensive light pink fur neckpiece. She is wearing a pink and yellow hat with a lot of accesories. The girl is very elegant and carries a brown bag in her hans.
In the middle of the picture you can see a man and a woman. The man is wearing a dark suit and a black top hat. The woman is wearing an orange dress with red tights. She has brown boats and her hair is orange. They are dancing a lot and their faces are happy.
In the background there are a lot of people, most of them are men. They are wearing dark suits and some of them are wearing long coats and black top hats.


  1. Thank you very much for this detailed explanation but I need to read the main characteristcs of Lautrec`s work, for example, the influence of Japanese litographics.
    Very good.

  2. This is my work. The part of the characteristics of Lautrec´s work is for my friend Alberto Morilla. He is doing the ejercice.