Monday, April 16, 2012


This painting of Cezanne called Sainte Victoire have pure colorus that are one of the characteristics of the post-impressionism, it also has contour line present line the main techniques too. Another particularity is the  use of very bright colours with lack and white,  quetion almost in the impressionism. You can see that the horizon line is high, technique that Cezanne used a lot in his paintings. He used to paint directly with the palette knife. 
In this painting you can see a half of a tree in the left and in the top of the image, at the background there is a mountain and in the front of it, at the right there is a bridge.In the centre of the image there is a village.There is a sunny day in the morning because there is a lot of yellow colour that represent the warm harmony.

Celia Alonso Costales & Anna Paulina Parroquìn Gonzàlez. 1ºC

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  1. Great job, ladies. Short but very clear. Be careful with prepositions, I took notice that in some sentences you´ve forgotten it. And you have a few mistakes in the spelling of several words. Check it, please