Thursday, April 19, 2012

Claude Monet

We chose Monet, an impressionist artist. He was born in Paris, France, and he died in Giverny .
The impressionsm is a very important movement that ocours in 19th century. The "capital" of impressionism was France. The characteristics of impresionsm pictures are:
·Visible brush strokes
·open composititon
·Use the light
·Unusual painting.

The painting that we choose is Impression Sunrise (Impression soleil levant) because it is the most important painting of impressionism, because it gives the name to this movement.
In the picture we can see a sunrise, with many people fishing in boats.
Monet uses strong brush strokes, because you can see the marks of the brush, for example in the sky you can see many lines in yellow and in blue. He also use bright colours and very pure colours.
This paint is very intresting, because if you make a copy of it in black and white the sunrise disappear.

We stract this information of Wikipedia,_Sunrise

By Pablo Dávila & Sofía Cuesta


  1. Well done, very good explanation but I would like to read more about IMPRESSIONISM.

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