Saturday, April 21, 2012

Richard Hamilton

Richard William Hamilton was a British painter and collage artist of the 20th Century. He is one of the most recognized Pop Art painter.
Hamilton was born in Pimlico (London), on February in 1922. Despite having left school with no formal qualifications, he managed to gain employment, where he discovered his ability for draughtsmanship. He starts studying in the Royal Academy but he was expelled later, so he needs to study in other schools.
In 1952 he starts teaching industrial design and typography and founds the ICA of London. In 1956 he organizes an exposition in the Whitechapel Art Gallery. Here, he shows his famous collage: "What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing? "

Other important work of this artist is The White Album, designed for Beatles.

In 2007 he obtains the Max Beckmann Prize. One year later, he gets the Praemium Imperiale.
He dies on September in 2011. 

Information extracted from: Wikipedia


  1. "What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing? "

    I like this picture because of a lot of reasons. I think that collages are very cool because they are out of proportion, so it seems a bit crazy and it contributes to make it more original. Besides, the introduction of elements like the vacuum cleaner and the TV, I think that they bring the picture and public closer.
    Other point that gets it more original is the introduction of strange elements like Ford´s logo, the lollipop (which is funny) and the big tape recorder or projector (I don´t know what it is), that they looks out of place there.
    The ease to make advertisements with this type of art is surprising. First, we can see the Ford logo, but there are more things, too. Near vacuum cleaner, we can read “Ordinary cleaners reach only this far”. Besides, there is a title page of a comic: “Young romance”.
    One of the things that I love of this collage is the cinema, which is situated behind the window, because I like old cinemas. Details like the tea cup or the newspaper are curious.

  2. Brilliant! I believe that your exercise is perfect, exactly that I asked you. Very good idea to add the reference to THE BEATLE´S White Album.
    Thank you very much, Aitor, very interesting

  3. I like your work, Aitor. It´s very interesting

  4. The Beatle's White Album surprise me, at first I read the post I thought that the image was wrong!!

  5. It's very interesting "The White Album", but I'd like to know what does that number in the low-right corner (10000001) represents...

    1. It´s possible that it would be the reference code of that album (very usual in vinilo editions)