Monday, April 16, 2012

Berthe Morisot

She was a Impresionism painter

This painting is called Eugene Manet in Wight isle. She painted without previusly drawing. She often painted persons in the enviroment like seas or forests. This paint has very light colours like other paintings of her. The horizon line is very high. Unlike of the others impresionism painters her paintings hasn’t got a Japanese influence. Berthe Morisot captured images of daily life. Unlike of Van Gohg, Morisot only used the green colour for the trees in her paintings, this is a difference of the others impresionisms painters.


BY Miguel Garcia and David Hompanera.


  1. Very good. But please, change the wrong words:

    Eugene Manet in Wigth isle
    daily life

    and please, write longer the comment about the picture

  2. We will change the wrong words but there is a problem, now I can correct the mistakes in the blog. But when two persons do a job together the only that can change the mistakes is the person that put the job in the blog. Miguel has got to change the mistakes in other time but I can do now this is the problem.

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