Friday, June 1, 2012

Gaëlle and Jimena (''Turning Torso'')

1)    Name: Turning Torso
2)   Author: Santiago Calatraba
3)   Movement: Rotation movement
4)   Function: Residential building
5)   Shape: Revolving cylinder
6)   Materials: Metal, glass and cement
7)   Characteristics: Inspired in a human siluate.
8)   Construction: 27 of August of 2005
9)   Localization: Malmö, Sweden

Turning Torso’s author is Santiago Calatraba, and it has rotation movement. It is inspired in a human siluate that is rotated.
Santiago Calatraba is a Spanish arquitect and he building Turning Torso on 27 of August of 2005 in Sweden.
I think this building is very beautiful and very complicate. I choose this building because is very complicate to make and is not very know. I want to go to this building and see inside it.

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  1. Great job! Now,you need to upload your drawing about this building. Thank you for your post