Wednesday, May 30, 2012

National Library of Belarus


  •          Name: National Library of Belarus.
  •          Localization : Minsk – Belarus
  •          Architects: Mijail Vinogradov and Victor Kromarenko . Design in 1986.
  •         Construction :2002- 2006.Officially opened on 16 June 2006
  •          Main usage :library
  •          Architectural style : Futurism
  •          Shape : It is a rhombicuboctahedrom .It is a  polyhedrom with   octahedral  symmetry. It has  twenty-six faces. It is formed with eight  triangles and eighteen square face. It  is divided in two square domes and a central octagonal prism.
  •          Characteristics : The building of the National Library  is considered  the most unusual in the world and it is the main information and culture centre of Belarus. It symbolizes a diamond. It has 22 floors and it is 72 m high .Its base is formed for three circunferences. The external is formed by glass panels.
         To maintain the image at night the architects design a lighting  system
     that is as spectacular as the building itself. The system, which is 
     integrated with the façade, consists of 4646 RGB colour- changing LED

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