Thursday, June 18, 2015

TECHNOSPHERE OF DUBAI by Sara Zapico Linares 3rd ESO C


The concept of this iconic building for the Techno sphere of Dubai, is a building which will reflect the state of Planet Earth in the current and future times. Planet Earth embodies the very essence of the ecosystem that we live in.

The Techno sphere has several key technology systems and architectural spaces that will 
enable the building to generate a self breathing environment as well as generate electricity 
from solar power to supplement the energy needs of the building.



The Aldar HQ building is located in Raha Beach, a new city on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi.
Its architectural style is called structural expressionism also known as High-Tech modernism.
This style is an advanced modernism in which buildings display their structural elements inside and out. Structures in this style tend to have a metallic appearance.
The Aldar HQ is the first circular skyscraper in the world. The construction was completed using a steel diagonal grid to sustain the circular shape and then covered with glass panels.
Marwan Zgheib decided to create a simple building that would possess the calm and ideal   beauty but also have expressive power.


He is an Architect an Interior Designer and a Technologist with a love for Design and Art. He runs his own design company James Law Cybertecture. He also is a Young Global Leader of World Economic Forum a founder of NGO Cybertecture for Humanity. On most of his free time e runs a Young Architect Program for kids. He is an occasional TED speaker and teach part time in universities in Hong Kong. Combining technology and architecture, Law has designed some of the most innovative projects in the world, including the world's first artificial intelligent media laboratory for the Hong Kong government. 
Born in Hong Kong and raised in the United Kingdom from the age of nine, Law began to discover his talents in architecture when he was just 7-years-old.
His passion for architecture eventually led him to study the discipline at the University College London, under renowned visionary architect Peter Cook. Upon graduation in 1992, Law took up his first job as an architect at the firm of prestigious Japanese architect Itsuko Hasegawa in Tokyo in 1994. 

Following this, Law moved back to Hong Kong in 1997 to take up a position as the Director of Gensler International, one of the largest design firms in the world, and to focus on technology projects.


In my personal opinion, this sphere is a huge and innovating idea because it is an eco-friendly building which helps to reduce the amount of pollution we create regularly, and show us that, if we were able to produce all buildings yhis way, we will conserve our world for longer

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