Thursday, June 18, 2015

Burj Al Arab

Name of the building: Burj al Arab
Authors: Atkins, Tom Wright and Jumeirah the developer ( Jumeirah Comàny is a Dubai-based international luxury hotel chain and part of Dubai Holding)

Date: 1994-199
Style:  The shape of the building is like a half moon
The Authors
Tom Wright was born in Croydon, Greater London in 1957.  Wright studied at the Royal Russell School and then later at the Kingston University School of Architecture. He qualified as an architect in 1983. Wright went on to become a director of the architectural practice Lister Drew Haines Barrow, which was taken over in 1991 by Atkins. Wright became head of Atkins' architecture arm.
WS Atkins plc (commonly known as Atkins) is a British multinational engineering, design, planning, project management and consulting Services Company headquartered in Epsom, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1938 by Sir William Atkins.

Burj al Arab


$650 million




It is use like an Hotel







197.5 m


321 m


60 floors (202 suites)


History and interesting things
On the hotel roof is a heliport, which was used as a tennis court for advertising involving Roger Federer and Andre Agassi, but that, despite what many believe, is not used as field tennis.
The interior decoration of the building was carried out by Chinese designer Khuan Chew. The instructions el Jeque of Dubai gave Chew for the design of the suites and atrium were hit and innovate. Khuan and his team used large quantities of marble, velvet and leaflets of ore for decorate. Six months before the inauguration, Sheikh visited the hotel to give his opinion. The majesty of the suites met his expectations of luxury and grandeur show, but seeing the painting of a minimalist atrium, failed. The decorator had to redesign the look of the lobby, adding bright colors on the roof, dancing fountains, a spectacle of colored lights and giant aquariums.
The Prices of the rooms varies between $ 2,500 and $ 40,000 per night. The design of the suites unites East and West. The bathrooms are with mosaics. The Royal Suite, is valued at $ 137,716 per night, is in the world ranking of the 15 most expensive hotel rooms, done by CNN Go in 2012.
The Burj Al Arab has nine restaurants, among them the Al Mahara -under the sea, offering an underwater view through a stained glass window as aquarium and Al Muntaha, located 200 meters high, and allowing a view of the city of Dubai.
The clients have the ability to request a Rolls Royce Silver Seraph for transport. The cars were imported from Britain. Clients can also request a helicopter that goes straight to the hotel located on the helipad

This building since I knew about it, I loved it. I like this entire beautiful hotel and the most incredible thing is that is on a small island on the beach. My favorite part of the hotel is that has some restaurants with gorgeous views. One of the restaurants is over the sea so you can see the sea wildlife. And another restaurant you can see a panoramic view of Dubai. 

 My drawing

 By Valeria Moreno Ruedas 3ºC

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