Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Apple store (Marta Gonzalez de Herrero , Mercedes Pareja y Juan )

This building we have chosen is called NEW YORK APPLE STORE. It was designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. It is located in the Fifth Avenue in New York. It is a glass cube, which a cylindrical glass elevator and a glass spiral staircase that goes to the underground store. It opens for the first time the 19 of May, 2006. It was reformed on 2011. Actually is one of the most famous buildings of the New York's city and It has lots of visits every day.


Is a United States-based architectural practice that was founded in 1965 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania by Peter Bohlin and Richard Powell
it is recognized for its distinguished portfolio of residential, university, commercial, cultural and government projects Ohlin Cywinski Jackson is known for emphasizing a strong relationship between buildings and their physical surroundings. In 1994, the practice received the American Institute of Architects Firm Award, which recognizes the design work of an entire firm. He built a lot of the Apple's stores around the world.


In 2003, when the still-aspiring property mogul Harry Macklowe finally hit the big-time with his purchase of the iconic GM Building for $1.4 billion in borrowed funds, one of his first concerns was how to fix the “problematic plaza,” as industry insiders and architects called the large and rather useless open space that extended from the front entrance to Fifth Avenue. So after long years thinking about some exhausting building to make, Bohing came up with a great idea, built one to attract people and make a meet point in New York. They hadn't thought that it would have so many successful, but after some days all the people knew where it is and what it is. It was brilliant, in the first year they earned more than million

It represents probably the purest form of transparent architecture. First, the cube is empty, avoiding the challenge of transparency, This building contrast with the surrounding buildings because of its transparency and black metal structural frame. Only five years after it was built, Apple closed the store temporarily to give it a hardware upgrade. They rebuilt the glass cube with even greater transparency and purity. In the new design, structural glass sheets run the whole way up the cube, so that each wall is now made up of only three panes. Its crystalline effect has given an extreme minimalism. Taking the transparency theme further, the entrance in the front of the cube leads into to a structural glass spiral staircase, winding around a cylindrical glass elevator.

The Apple Store has succeed in creating two new spaces, both above ground in the new square around the cube, and below ground in the store itself, open 24 hours a day. The 32-foot cube at the Apple Store is made from structural glass, with no metal framing

Each wall was made up of 18 glass sheets, with discreet steel fixings. The effect was clear, but crystalline.

We think that this cube building is fantastic, amazing, impressive and very modern. The design is beautiful and different. For us is great.

Resultado de imagen de apple store      Resultado de imagen de apple store

Mostrando DSC_0002.JPGResultado de imagen de apple store


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