Monday, February 16, 2015


Georges Seurat was born on December 2 in 1859 in Paris. After training at the École des Beaux Arts, he broke free of tradition. Taking his technique a step beyond Impressionism,he painted with small strokes of pure colour that seem to blend when viewed from a distance. This method was called Pointillism, is showcased in major of works of the 1880s.Seurat´s career was cut shot when he died of illness on March 29 in 1891 in Paris. He was a post-impressionism artist. 

Characteristics of Seurat Paintings

The technique of Seurat consists of using tiny dabbing brushstrokes or dots of pigment, instead of the variable short Brushstrokes which are more characteristic of mainstream impressionist painting. He established a method of mixing colours directly in the canvas, Seurat placed his tiny points of unmixed color so closet o each other that they look like if they were mixed. This produced a certain optical special effect. Seurat´s paintings have a play of moving lights, colours and shadows. The surface of his canvases is accordingly vibrant. We can see these characteristics in the painting that I engrave.

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